Clinical Pearls on the Complexity of Gluten Sensitivity

As little as five years ago when we advised a patient to remove gluten from their diet most people still had not even heard of it.  Testing was poor (and still is).  The medical community criticized us and even extremely sick patients were difficult to convince of the need to eliminate this highly inflammatory protein […]


Gluten Sensitivity – It’s Real, So Why the Confusion?

Gluten FactsA host of new and ongoing research studies confirm that sensitivities or allergies to gluten is a serious health issue.  In fact the rapidly emerging volume of research, well documented in peer reviewed medical, neurological, endocrine, rhuematolical, GI and nutritional journals is overwhelming in its confirmation of the condition and the importance of its implication to overall health.  Not just gut health but even more-so brain and neurological health.

Yet while counseling patients with these conditions and how gluten allergies and their cross sensitivities effect tissue damage and symptoms, and the need to eliminate these substances from their diet, the functional nutrition clin