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Anybody says chiropractic is charlatans I say nay... I had lL5 S1.. Major Payne. No surgery because Mr Rutherford fixed me. Took a while well worth it. This was 30 years ago.Tim TuffordPS I first saw him when he was just starting out on Rock Street.
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Power Health Chiropractic is easy to find at Harvard & Vassar ..They are a medical group practice specializing in chiropractic and physical therapy.If you...
Best decision I ever made was making an appointment with Dr Rutherford. Hands down! This guy changed the course of my life. Within 3-4 weeks I was feeling 500% better, and we kept working and working, with the ultimate goal of getting my Hashimoto's in remission. He's a great teacher and was able to help me understand the WHY behind the symptoms and disease state progression. I would recommend, if you are ready to do exactly what he says!
Dr. Rutherford helped me figure out issues that I had been dealing with for over a decade. Before him, I was continually let down when I went to a doctor and they would simply tell me that my blood work was "fine." He helped me figure out what was causing my issues and how to overcome them, as well as developed a maintenance plan that helped me get back to normal.I highly recommend him and his staff. They were easy to work with and always willing to genuinely help.
Dr. Rutherford helped me figure out issues that I had been dealing with for over a decade. Before him, I was continually let down when I went to a doctor...
Love everything they have to offer! My husband went and when he got home said he can't remember the last time he felt so good!
After 10+ years of being sick, getting worse and worse, visiting all the top specialists, being told it’s all in my head, then going to multiple psychotherapists and still getting nowhere, I had lost all hope of feeling any better. Getting a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s was a huge relief and I was sure doctors would now be able to help me, but nope, no help. Thankfully, there’s plenty of information out there and after some research I decided to stop eating gluten. I’d say I was around 50% better, which was great, but even after that and many other changes, I still had a myriad of symptoms and periods of feeling really sick. I kept researching and stumbled upon dr. Rutherfords Youtube videos which I’ll forever be grateful for.7 months after our first Zoom call and I’d say I’m 95% better. Yes, I still have some symptoms that need to be worked out but I’m confident that dr. Rutherford is able to do that. Yes, it’s expensive (not the appointments themselves, but the testing and quality supplements), but feeling so much better that I’m able to actually earn more. And I don’t think I can even put a price on feeling healthy. I have my life back, my dreams back, my happiness. For me, that’s worth everything, because without it I had nothing.Dr. Rutherford and the whole Power Health team, they’re just really nice people. I like that he doesn’t disregard any of my symptoms, works methodically, knows what he’s doing and gets results. Also, it doesn’t matter where you live, I’m in Europe and it’s actually quite nice being able to go to the doctor from the comfort of my own home. So if you can find the means, take the leap.
I started working with Dr.Rutherford in 2021 after ten years of being sick. I had been dealing with Hashimotos and the effects from it since I was a teenager. By the time I found PowerHealth I was in very poor health at only 24 years old. I can honestly say that after completing my inital protocol with Dr. Rutherford and Ketring, it was the best I had felt since I was 14. They use an approach that is specific to the individual and not a one size fits all approach. Dr. Rutherford always answered all my questions. He always explained the reasons behind every step while also listening to and acknowledging my opinions on the my health. They also set me up with the knowlege and game plan to manage my health going forward. As someone who has seen dozens of doctors, both functional and not, I would 100% recommend Power Health. They approach health dealing with your body as a whole and treating the root cause rather than just symptoms. Everyone you work with is extremely knowledgeable and keeps up with new advances in medicine. Sabrina and everyone at the front desk are always very kind and helpful! If you have questions, communication is always fast! Power Health has helped me improve my health and consequently my quality of life day to day. I highly recommend to anyone struggling with their health! Thank you Power Health!
I really appreciate the way that the Power Health team operates. Super friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!!!
Dr. Rutherford and the Power Health team are amazing, and in a world of Big Pharma and government regulations, finding a team that does such a great job, is...
I cannot describe how much different my interactions are with Dr. Rutherford vs. interactions with my regular doctors. My appointments with him are what an appointment with a doctor should be like.I see him for hashimotos and the complications that come along with that. It took almost 2 years and countless doctors to figure out what I had. They told me all but one of my symptoms were not from hashimotos. I found Dr. Rutherford on a podcast as I had to resort to helping myself. Dr. Rutherford wiped away 3 years of feeling terrible within 3 months. I am now almost symptom free, and we are working on that currently.To sum up, Dr. Rutherford gave me my life back and I cannot thank him enough. He is hands down the best doctor that I have ever had and highly, highly recommend him.
I cannot describe how much different my interactions are with Dr. Rutherford vs. interactions with my regular doctors. My appointments with him are what an...
I am so happy to have found Dr. Rutherford. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as a late teen and put on medication but never felt like the medication helped all that much, I was still tired and cold. Then in my 20s with no help from doctors all this time, I read a book by Dr. Kharrazian, "Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?" and figured our I had Hashimoto's. Over the years I have been to several doctors and nutritionists to work on my thyroid health. While they helped a little none helped me get down to the root cause the way Dr. Rutherford was able to do. He knew Dr. Kharrazian and understood Hashimoto's Thyroiditis far better than any doctor I have ever seen. I was at the point where my health was so bad I had little to no energy or desire to much of anything, which was not like me. When I met with Dr. Rutherford he amazed me with the way he could read my blood work and see how best to treat me as an individual. There were a lot of supplements to take each day and at times the diet was hard for me but that is also what I love about Dr. Rutherford, through these supplements and diet he was helping my body to work for me. I still have to take my daily thyroid medication, however, now at 40 years old my body is working better to process this medication to benefit me the way it should. I also take just a few supplements each day for my thyroid health. I can live with this because I feel better than I have in years. I wake up feeling better and I have more energy in the day, I feel like I have my life back! I have also referred Dr. Rutherford to my father who has Rheumatoid Arthritis. He was so bad and having a lot of pain and swelling in his knees and having a hard time walking and was sleeping almost all day. Again Dr. Rutherford's knowledge and experience is worth every penny, my father is feeling better and has a significant amount of his strength and energy back. We are so grateful! Since my father was doing so well too, I referred a friend who has several health issues, including thyroid issues. When I asked her how she was doing a few weeks into treatment, she said this was the best she had felt in 10 years! Although she is not done with treatment and none of us are cured from what ailments we have, we all have a greater measure of health and energy we had been missing in our lives. Thank you Dr. Rutherford and Staff!!!
I am so happy to have found Dr. Rutherford. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as a late teen and put on medication but never felt like the medication...
I heard about PowerHealth by watching some of their YouTube videos about Hashimoto’s. I decided to reach out to Dr. Rutherford for a consultation, and it was the best decision I have ever made. Dr. Rutherford always takes the time to answer all of my questions, and I really feel like we are working together to improve my health. I have learned so much, and I feel that Dr. Rutherford has given me the knowledge and tools to help me keep my body healthy long term. The entire staff of PowerHealth is world-class, and unlike anything I have experienced at other medical offices. I would encourage anyone who would like to take back their health to work with Dr. Rutherford and the staff of PowerHealth.
I heard about PowerHealth by watching some of their YouTube videos about Hashimoto's. I decided to reach out to Dr. Rutherford for a consultation, and it...
I found Dr Rutherford after symptoms from undiagnosed lyme disease had severely affected my life. He showed that I had been limping along with autoimmune problems including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and brain inflammation for many years which made me vulnerable to lyme. Mainstream healthcare had provided no diagnosis, no explanation, and no solution, other than enthusiastically prescribing Prozac. That seemed to me like covering up the check engine light on the car, so I looked for alternatives. I was experiencing brain fog, anxiety, arthritis, erratic heartbeat, depression, and other symptoms. It was a dark time. I felt renewed hope at my first Power Health consultation. There was a keen interest in all the details of my symptoms and what was ailing me. Dr Rutherford’s knowledge and personalized skill at selecting relevant lab tests, identifying imbalances in biochemistry and organ systems, then prioritizing and resolving them is amazing. For each symptom or issue he would explain what was wrong, what he recommended to correct it and what should happen once it resolved. It was an unbelievable contrast to my prior healthcare experience. It was not simple, but Dr Rutherford has taught me as much as I’ve been able to absorb along the way. The results have been life changing and I highly recommend Dr Rutherford without any reservation.
All my life I’ve dealt sinus issues , and gut health issues. I’ve dealt with hives, anaphylactic shock from foods, migraines, asthma, and depression . I’ve tried everything to heal. 30 years ago they did a food allergy test where I tested positive to all foods . The Dr laughed and said he didn’t know what to do. I cried. A Dr in Wenatchee Washington detoxed my liver. I felt ok. But still had all those symptoms. I moved to Elko Nevada in 1996. I still had complicated issues. The solution Doctors gave me was antibiotics and steroids. I had serious leaking gut syndrome from all the years of taking antibiotics for a solution that’s not working at all. Not sure what to do I tried culturing and liver cleansing through another dr in 2020. I had some success and was sick again and depression getting worse. Feeling of loosing hope. A friend of mine with other symptoms but somewhat similar started seeing Dr Rutherford in Reno. The change that came from him made me think I need to see Dr Rutherford. Through their testing and their nutritionalist Dr Ketring I started a journey that changed my life within a few weeks. I had SIBO and Hoshimotos. Dr Rutherford started me on supplements and low FODMAP following every thing they said to do. I’m on a healing journey I’ve wanted all my life. My depression is gone I have feelings of love and joy. My body is not in pain. I still have fatigue days. I wake up feeling like this is a good life. No more struggles of ill health. I’m not completely healed and I’m 100% willing to follow their program. I do not have symptoms of leaking gut. It’s prime allergy season now and I’m not in the doctors office begging for steroids or antibiotics. I’ve thrown out every vitamin and old antibiotics I’ve stashed to help me feel better when I feel a sinus infection was coming. The day I threw out the box of things I tried to heal myself with I knew I wasn’t looking back. Dr Rutherfords team is my healing journey. It’s sad it took this many years to find a solution. But I’m truly grateful for Dr Rutherford for always researching health and finding a solution. Don’t ever give up on health.
I'm so grateful that I came across Dr. Rutherford. I was living with symptoms for a very long time, and kept getting dismissed by other doctors, and having them tell me my labs are all normal and its just me getting older (I'm 34 now but have been reaching out for help since my early 20's!). I was so exhausted and fed up and figured that this is just what it means to be living, and it's probably only gonna get worse. I was a bit hesitant to pay out of pocket, but had a hopeful feeling and went for it. I'm SO GLAD I did! I feel way better now than I did 6 months ago. It's insane! I'm not chronically exhausted, sleeping 12 hour nights and needing 3 hour naps during the day...not depressed, not insanely bloated and gassy and puffy and icky, no more heart palpitations, no more painful bm's, and no more memory lapses! My brain fog was sooo bad. the list really does go on, but ill just leave it here: if you suspect autoimmune issues and haven't gotten anywhere with conventional dr's... seriously at least meet with Dr. Rutherford for a consult. Yeah, you have to be willing to make serious lifestyle changes but it's very much worth it. My boyfriend calls him our hero, since my life is so much better now 🙂 Thank you Dr. Rutherford!!
I'm so grateful that I came across Dr. Rutherford. I was living with symptoms for a very long time, and kept getting dismissed by other doctors, and having...
In the Summer of 2021, I flew into to Reno for my first visit with Dr. Rutherford. Reno is like an oasis in the desert. Most people go to Reno to gamble. The best hotel prices are at the casinos. I stayed at Circus Circus because the airlines offered a combined flight and hotel package. Circus Circus provided a pleasant guest room away from noises. I did not gamble. I was single minded on a better healthcare future. I took an Uber to the Power Health office. The building was one story. The office was moderate in size and friendly environment. Each person’s care plan is based on science of how the human body works instead of which pharmaceutical the companies want to profit from next. You need to know that Power Health is really an educational place - not hands on. There were chiropractors there but that was not my purpose. Listen carefully, Power Health will provide nutritional supplements based on your individual situation AND your food sensitivities AND known medical conditions AND blood chemistry results AND very detailed online questionnaire. You can accomplish these without traveling to Reno Nevada. Dr Rutherford is an educator. He will listen to you, but be prepared to be educated. He has a huge knowledge base. May your quality of healthcare life be better than you ever thought possible.
This is the second time I have been to Power Health. Both Drs. Rutherford and Ketring are considerate and very professional, taking the time to really find out what is wrong with the patient and helping guide the patient on a path to health and vibrance. Moreover, the last time I was there to see them, I was very unhealthy and felt like I was not even going to live a long, healthy life. I tell my friends all the time that Dr. Rutherford saved my life. I am back after several years of great health followed by a couple years of lots of trauma. I had slipped out of remission with my Hashimoto’s in 2020/2021 and am currently four weeks into my program with both doctors again. I have already seen wonderful results and starting to feel more energetic again. My digestive issues are becoming less and less. I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks will look like. I recommend people to this office all the time and will continue. I am truly thankful and grateful for the doctors and the staff.
Excellent experience! The staff is very knowledgeable, and I am feeling really good!!! If you have been to several doctors and still don’t know what is wrong with you, I would highly recommend this route.
“I am so grateful to Dr. Rutherford for working with me to improve my health. I’ve had thyroid issues for at least 40 years, and other auto immune disorders and chronic pain for the past 13 years that have made it impossible for me to work and have a somewhat “normal” life. After working with Dr. Rutherford for the past few months, I’m feeling so much better – more energy, mental clarity, no more gut discomfort and other symptoms. I’m active, more positive about the future, going off many of my medications. Dr. Rutherford has a systematic way of working with clients, is very knowledgeable, compassionate and responsive to questions and concerns. The entire staff is always helpful, responsive, available to help and responds promptly to questions.”
"I am so grateful to Dr. Rutherford for working with me to improve my health. I've had thyroid issues for at least 40 years, and other auto immune...
experienced the red light therapy and hydrotherapy. It was wonderful. Super cute place and staff was friendly
Detailed blood work revealing exactly what needs work along with intake questions that only the patient can answer and nutrition guidelines have turned my negative symptoms into positive results in a short amount of time. It does take discipline and perseverance but the life changing results are so worth it!
I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Rutherford and Dr. Ketring at Power Health in Reno. I was referred by a friend, suffering from several autoimmune conditions and feeling absolutely terrible, difficulty walking, fatigue, joint pain, I could go on but I won't. Although skeptical I decided to given it a try since the only thing I had to lose was money - maybe I would actually feel better. At first it seemed overwhelming--Gluten free, dairy free, and elimination of foods that the labs showed I was "sensitive" to. IGG and IGA what the heck......then throw in a boat load of supplements. My skepticism rose even higher. However, 3 weeks into it all of a sudden I realized I was walking without knee pain, I had more energy than I had in 10 years. Was it possible......could changing my diet have such a profound effect? I was truly in disbelief and kept going. A few more weeks into it and yes....I truly feel fabulous. Both Dr. Rutherford and Dr. Ketring have taken the time to get to know me. Truly investigated what my issues are using lab work and in depth questions then designed a program to just resolve my issues. It is a work in progress and I am so grateful for all their help.
I cannot fully thank enough Dr. Rutherford and the staff for everything they have done for me. After so many years I have hope to regain my health due to the tireless efforts of everyone involved, the kind of effort no other professionals had the knowledge or the concern. Dr. Rutherford not only ordered full blood test in every aspect but also checked my food sensitivities, both test results of which where mind boggling in their impact of my health. Dr. and his staff worked to provide me with a health plan that has had great results. I would recommend Power Health Reno to anyone.
Dr. Rutherford and everyone at Power Health are absolutely wonderful! When I started seeing Dr. Rutherford I had severe, crippling health anxiety due to...
I reached out to Dr Rutherford as a last attempt to avoid conventional prescriptions and dismissal of an array of different symptoms I was having due to Hashimoto’s and digestion issues. Dr. Rutherford was personable and easy to talk to. I am not in his area so we used Zoom to communicate and I felt it was just as good as an office visit. My appointments were always done at the appointed time. I quickly became confident in his ability to diagnose what was happening. I started with his recommendations and within a couple weeks noticed big changes. My 2:00 pm fatigue vanished, constipation gone, brain fog mostly gone. My sleep is better and my unexplained stomach discomfort is gone. My weight was never discussed but I did lose 15 pounds without trying. That was a miracle to me because I couldn’t lose a pound on any diet I had tried before. I am still working on cholesterol issues but my triglycerides are down. He does recommend supplements but I was happy that it wasn’t a lot of them like I was expecting before we got started. My trust grew with him when he took me off some supplements once he felt they had done their job. I would recommend Dr. Rutherford to anyone who is serious about their good health.
Dr. Martin Rutherford is one of the few doctors in my family's life who takes the time to share his knowledge and educate us, carefully walks us through our options, and produces positive results. I've recommend my mother to him; and plan to provide recommendations over the coming years.
From migraines daily to no pain at all. Dr Rutherford and Dr K know their stuff. Together they got my body to run at its optimum levels. I have gone from pain, inflammation and migraines daily to no inflammation, reduced joint pain and no headaches at all. With the vast knowledge they have a Hashimotos and thyroid issues they put together a protocol that is easy to follow and if you stick to it you too will see results.
From migraines daily to no pain at all. Dr Rutherford and Dr K know their stuff. Together they got my body to run at its optimum levels. I have gone from pain, inflammation and migraines daily to no inflammation, reduced joint pain and no headaches at all. With the vast knowledge they have a Hashimotos and thyroid issues they put together a protocol that is easy to follow and if you stick to it you too will see results.
From migraines daily to no pain at all. Dr Rutherford and Dr K know their stuff. Together they got my body to run at its optimum levels. I have gone from...
I’ve been a patient about a month. I have never experienced such personalized help. I’ve never had anyone take so much time and interest in me. I’ve suffered from many health issues since I was a teenager. I’m in my mid 40’s. I’ve been to other Dr’s, specialists, Natrualpaths, etc.... some things would work a bit, but i was taking a medication or supplement for every symptom. Overall, I never got better. But now, I can feel my whole body (from my gut health, anxiety, and overall pain issues, brain fog, depression etc) resolving. What I’ve learned is that it is all tied together. The treatment they are giving me ,along with me learning my food sensitivities ,is calming everything down. I’m pretty blown away by how much better I feel in such a short amount of time. This was personalized just for me and I’ve stuck to it and it’s paid off! I just can’t thank Dr. Rutherford and his team enough. Oh and they all have the best personalities. I felt like I was talking to a friend. Any questions I’ve had or help that I needed, they immediately got back to me. That is highly unusual in my experience. I highly recommend them.
I had struggled for years with P.C.O.S symptoms before talking to Dr. Rutherford. One of my biggest issues with it was that I had to take hormone pills in order to start my period. I had gone 3+ years without having one on my own. My first week of the program, I started my period ON MY OWN!! I am forever grateful for Dr. Rutherford and the amount of time and effort that he puts into his individualized programs. I will never be able to thank you enough Dr. Rutherford.
Dr. Rutherford is an amazing doctor who is on the cutting edge of technology on thyroid, autoimmune, gut/brain access and many other chronic disease...
I believe Dr. Rutherford saved my life. I found Power Health Rehab and Wellness Center in a YouTube search based on the symptoms I was experiencing. Autoimmunity, neuropathy and gut issues were causing my health to rapidly decline. Dr. Rutherford and staff helped me to find a way to stabilize and improve my health, so I could once again live a relatively normal life. If you have tried everything and are still at a loss, I would highly recommend going to see them. Their unique evaluation and treatment techniques provided answers to problems other doctors were unable to solve.
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I’m a 36 year old wife and mom of two. I was at a place where I was no longer functioning. LITERALLY. Couldn’t deal with my loved ones, at one point couldn’t even walk for days from horrible back pains. I was no longer myself. My life was no longer my own. Power health helped me figure out what I needed to do to be able to function and actually feel GREAT! I don’t remember ever feeling GREAT before. More than that, they taught me so much about my health in general and about my own personal health. There’s much more to say. If you need help and you’re ready to put in the work and do YOUR part, then Power Health can help.
I love this place! They have helped me heal through many back strains and neck and shoulder issues. As a caregiver finding some where to come get a tune up is so necessary. The staff is always super friendly and helpful getting me in when I need it.
Started going to Power Health end of June 2019....originally went in with pretty severe back pain 7 to 8 from an old injury....the pain level has been going down each week after the treatment. I am coming out today 8/13/19 with amazing pain relief from Dr Moore's gentle treatment..pain down to 1 to 1 1/2. The difference this makes in my life is amazing. I can function in my daily life so much better.
professional and personal staff
I love that they're ready for me when I need them. They've always made me feel so "@ home." I look forward to my appointment every week. My little ol' body will be better in no time! Thank you!!😁
Excellent information! Where can I find doctors who know fibromyalgia like you?
Thank God for you! I know this is limited in characters but I honestly can’t say enough Wonderful things about these two men in my life now. I literally just started listening last week and I have hope now! You may not know my history but I feel like you spelled it all out for me in all the videos I’ve watched! I am hoping to connect and be a patient!
I am a Survivor off ALL forms of abuse. Alaska born and raised �
Thanks for your video on niacin
Wonderful staff! Relaxing atmosphere in their waiting area, reasonable prices!
love the information they share , it always informs me about my fibro that I really am not crazy in thinking I have other issues.

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