Dr. Rutherford understands the importance of the right supplementation to support your health and well-being. To make it easier for you to obtain the highest quality supplements, we’ve partnered with two trusted online stores. These stores offer a range of products that are hand-picked based on their efficacy, purity, and quality.

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Apex Energetics – (Store Code is PowerHealth)

Apex Energetics has some of the highest quality supplements in our opinion. Many of their supplements are proprietary compounds used for specific purposes.


Wholescripts is a great site to get the rest of your supplements from. It is a site that offers supplements from many high quality companies such as Xymogen, Nordic Naturals, Biociden, and many others.

We encourage you to consult with Dr. Rutherford or our staff if you have any questions or need recommendations on specific supplements. Our goal is to provide you with easy access to the best products that support your health journey.