Is Fibromyalgia a Real Diagnosis?

Fibromyalgia, often deemed a ‘diagnosis of default’, is a complex, multi-symptomatic condition, more than mere muscle pain. It’s a unique constellation of various dysfunctional systems in each patient, not a definitive diagnosis. The term, however, provides a shared language for sufferers, legitimizing their experiences.

COVID-19 and Autoimmunity: A Trigger We Can’t Ignore

Dr. Rutherford, an experienced practitioner in autoimmune diseases, has observed a trend of COVID-19 acting as a trigger for autoimmune responses. His patients reported worsened or new autoimmune symptoms after contracting COVID-19. This article delves into his experiences, the historical links between viruses and autoimmunity, and the emerging recognition in the medical community of COVID-19 as a potential autoimmune trigger.