Dr. Stephen Stornetta, DC

Dr. Stornetta grew up in Chico, CA and attended the University of Nevada on a baseball scholarship. After a bulging disc in his low back ended his college baseball career he spent over 2 years seeing many doctors trying to find an answer to his problem which finally came by the hands of a chiropractor.

At that moment it became his mission to not let others go through the same pain and frustration that he had gone through and graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 2004.

Dr. Stornetta is trained in multiple techniques including the Cox Technic which is primarily used to treat bulging and herniated disc issues in both neck and back as well as a breakthrough muscle work technique that works wonders for chronic shoulder pain, hip pain, ankle pain, neck pain, and many other issues.

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    • Angelika Roth
    • April 2, 2018

    I hurt my lower back 8 months ago. I had several adjustments done with no relief. As a matter of fact, it gotten much worse. The pain now goes from my lower back, to my hip, into my leg down to my knee. So, one day it could be my hip, the next my lower back, then I’m thinking it could be sciatica. Could you help?

    Thank you

    1. Possibly. We would have to examine you to see what is going on first before we could determine that. If you want to schedule give us a call at 775-329-4402

  1. Truly a great chiropractor! Thoughtful, personable, enthusiastic, highly skilled, and devoted to improving the health of his patients. My wife, Suzanne, shares my admiration for Steve because he is gentle yet effective in eliminating pain.

    • Catherine
    • June 17, 2014

    Hi, I would like to know if you provide pain relief for degenerative disc disease. My son is 40, a carpenter and suffers terribly. He sees a pain management Dr., but needs to take so much medicine and he still suffers. Do you offer free counseling before a commitment for treatment? Thank you, Catherine

    1. In many cases we can help. Each case is different so the only way to find out if it is something we feel we can help is to do a comprehensive evaluation and exam. We do offer a free consultation to go over his case and see if we may be able to help. If he is interested in doing that please have him call the office at 775-329-4402 and ask for a free consultation with Dr. Stornetta.

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