Dr. Martin Rutherford

Dr. Martin Rutherford, DC, CFMP

Martin P. Rutherford, CFMP, DC, has been in the healthcare field for over 40 years and has treated over 30,000 patients without the use of drugs or surgery. He has been described as enthusiastic, energetic, motivational, inspiring, and informative. He listens and answers questions; contributes information; and is genuinely concerned with each patient’s recovery and health. He loves what he does and it shows.

As a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, radio talk-show host, lecturer, and producer of the Power Health Series, Dr. Rutherford is well respected and often interviewed for his opinion on the current relevant healthcare topics facing us. In addition, he has given over 400 spinal care seminars and his YouTube channel dedicated to Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology has over 3 million views. He is enthusiastic about talking to people. His mission is getting people better and keeping them healthy.

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