Chiropractic Neurology on Nightline

Nightline on ABC news did a short spotlight on Dr. Carrick and Chirorpactic Neurology.  Dr. Randall Gates in our office is also a board certified Chiropractic Neurologist and has trained under Dr. Carrick for many years. 

This 6 minute video helps to better explain what Chiropractic Neurologists do and how effective their treatments can be.

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    • Ken and Kathleen Johnston
    • August 25, 2012

    Dr. Carrick is a brilliant physician as are both of you, Drs. Rutherford and Gates. This type of integrated medicine is the future for sure. It obviously irritates the AMA and the conventional medical system in general. The only reason I can think of is that the AMA is jealous, because they have not been able to get the results you are getting. Also, conventional medicine is being exposed for what it is: a money mill. Yes, they do wonderful things. I (Ken) have had multiple surgeries, six on my spine alone. They have all been 100 percent successful. Kathleen would have died 6 years ago from Gullian Barre Syndrome if it had not been for the care she received through plasma pheresis and the long hospitalization and therapy she received in 2006. But one cannot argue with results. That young 17-year-old has responded magnificently, and I don’t think that it is just because he believed in the methodology of Dr. Carrick. He got well because Dr. Carrick has 33 years of research and hands on experience to fall back on. Sometimes the answers can be simple things that have been overlooked by others. I wish that we could have had the treatment Kathleen and I now are enjoying 50 years ago. But, we are also getting better every day. It just takes longer at age 61 than it does at 17. I am very happy for that young man and, also, for the young mother who can now hug her children. Now, let’s hope that the AMA cannot find a way to stop what Chiropractic is doing. After all, why would fellow physicians not want their patients to be healed? I think George Washington had the answer to that and to many other questions when he said, “Everything is of interest.”

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