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Hashimoto’s and Neuroinflammation – Do Hashimoto's and neuroinflammation. This was a request.00:00:05 And it's interesting 'cause all of a sudden I'm seeing neuroinflammation patients. This week, I've seen three and they're mostly post concussion syndrome, but you don't have to have post concussion to have neuroinflammation.00:00:21 And so neuroinflammation, inflammation of mainly… It's mainly inflammation in the […]

How to Treat Hashimoto’s 00:00:01 Hi Dr. Rutherford, today we’re gonna talk about, “How to treat Hashimoto’s.” (chuckles) There’re about a few hundred hours online on this, but still we get an awful lot of people that says, “Well, how do you treat Hashimoto’s?” (laughs) So, let me see if I can answer that question, like in a […]

The Triggers of Hashimoto’s – Pressure we're getting lately is, you keep talking about these 39 triggers, what are they? So then in the, I'm thinking that the thinking there is, if I just know what those 39 triggers are, I'm gonna be able to take care of myself.00:00:14 So that may or may not be true. (laughs) […]

Hashimoto’s Chest Pain – Power Health Reno 00:00:01 – Hey DR. Rutherford here today. So today the topic and we get most of these topics by the way from requests. So if you have any requests, keep it coming, makes it easier on me to try to figure out what to talk about. 00:00:14 So this one today is Hashimoto’s and […]


Hashimoto’s and Red Face

Note: The following is the output of a transcription from the video above. Although the transcription is largely accurate, in some cases it is incomplete or inaccurate due to inaudible passages or transcription errors. 00:00:00so the question today is can hashi motos cause a red face so this is kind of interesting it’s funny i […]

Fibromyalgia – Cutting Through the B.S.

In our first episode in the Cutting Through the B.S. series we will tackle Fibromyalgia.  We discuss the different causes of this very confusing conditions as well as the many different treatment options that are out there and why many of them fail.  We will then further delve into what is causing the condition in […]

Are There Any Doctors Like You Where I Live?

We have made numerous referrals over the years to doctors around the country who have indicated to us that “they do what we do“. Based on comments of those we have referred to these doctors, they didn’t. In most cases there was very little similarity between our services and most others in the chronic pain […]

Can Diabetes Cause Nerve Damage?

Dr. Gates: Okay, today we have the question, can diabetes cause nerve damage? And the simple answer is… Together: Yes. Dr. Rutherford: Massively, yes. Dr. Gates: Very much so. And so when people have diabetes, their blood sugar elevates, and then as their blood sugar elevates, it actually attracts water into the nerves, and then […]

Can Neuropathy Affect The Brain?

Dr. Gates: So today’s question is, “Can peripheral neuropathy affect the brain,” and the answer is absolutely, yes. And I will go into some of the specifics on this, but Dr. Rutherford does a lot of the intakes with our patients, he talks to patients when they’re coming in, and why don’t you give some of […]

Can Neuropathy Be Reversed?

Dr. Gates: So today’s question is, “Can peripheral neuropathy be reversed?” To answer that question, we really have to define “reversed.” We have to be very specific in terms of, are you thinking of a cure? For this, I’m going to kick it over to Dr. Rutherford for him to go through exactly what we’ve […]