Are you looking for a job that is both fun and rewarding?

We are looking for a great addition to help complement our existing team.  We are looking for a mature, energetic, detail oriented person to join our incredible staff.

If you feel like this is you and you have a great positive attitude and the willingness to work hard and learn to hopefully grow with a company for many years to come we would love to have you continue with our application!

Below are some frequently asked questions.  If after going over them you are still interested in applying for the job please fill out the form below.

Q: I am going to be starting school and will not be able to work (fill in the day or time here) is that a problem?

A: Actually it is a bit of a problem.  Our patient treatment hours are M, W, F from 8-12 and 1:30-5, and Tues, Thurs 12-6.  While we only treat those hours we do have other hours for training and meetings as well as running late waiting for patients who need to finish their care.

Q: I am not able to work on (fill in day here) is that a problem?

A: Please see above (unless that day is Saturday or Sunday)

Q: I have a medical issue that does not allow me to stand or walk for long periods of time.  Will I still be able to do this job?

A: This job does require a lot of standing and walking all day. Between working with the patients, and walking them back to their treatment areas you will be on your feet almost the entire shift.

Q: I have a bit of an accent is that an issue?

A: Really depends on what a bit of an accent is.  Since this position requires a lot of patient interaction both on the phone as well as face to face this position requires someone who is not only fluent in English, but also able to communicate very clearly and professionally to others.

Q: When are you looking to hire someone?

A: We would like to hire someone as soon as possible, however we are willing to wait for the right person who fits what we are looking for and hopefully will be with us a long time.

Those are the most important questions I have received.  If you have any others please feel free to e-mail me at