July 11, 2016

Can Fibromyalgia Symptoms Come And Go?

Dr. Gates: So, today we have the question as to whether fibromyalgia symptoms can come and go. And the answer is, absolutely, yes. We treat a lot of fibromyalgia patients here in our clinic, and because Dr. Rutherford has done the majority of the consultations here I’m going to kick this question over to him. […]

Can Men Get Fibromyalgia?

Dr. Gates: Today we have the question, “Can men develop fibromyalgia?” And we treat a lot of fibromyalgia patients in our clinic, and so, for this question, I’m going to kick it over to Dr. Rutherford so he can give his experience with the problem. Dr. Rutherford: Because I have fibromyalgia, so yeah, the answer […]

Can You Get Fibromyalgia At Any Age?

Dr. Randall Gates: So there we have the question, can you get fibromyalgia at any age? And the answer is kind of. So to be more specific, typically the fibromyalgia patients that we see in this clinic are between the ages of about 16, 15, to 45 to 50. Now, if you develop fibromyalgia at […]

Can You Have Fibromyalgia Without Fatigue?

Dr. Gates: So, today we have the question, “Can you have fibromyalgia without fatigue?” And the technical answer is, Yes, according to the classification system set forth by the American College of Rheumatology. One was established in 1990, another was established in 2010. There is actually now one in 2011. In essence, for you to […]

How Does Fibromyalgia Start?

Dr. Gates: So then we have question, “How does fibromyalgia start?” And this is a tough question to answer because there are a variety of different ways to approach this question. Symptomatically, we see a lot of fibromyalgia patients in this clinic, and some fibromyalgia patients will have a sudden onset, others will have a […]

How Is Fibromyalgia Treated?

Dr. Gates: So today we have the question how is fibromyalgia treated and we’re gonna give you kind of both sides of the coin so to speak in terms of alternative treatments and mainstream medical treatments. So for most of you watching this video I’m sure that you’ve probably been through some mainstream medical treatments […]